Barry Greenwood UFO Archive  



Why another web site concerning unidentified flying objects?

Because this one doesn't intend to deal with just the usual fare. There are countless places to go on the Internet to get the latest on UFO sightings, hypotheses, personalities and their squabbles with one another, and so on ad nauseum. One can only rehash the same presentation that has chugged along for many decades before it becomes forgettable from eternal repetition.

What we wish to do here is provide some basics on unidentified flying objects and related aerial peculiarities, coupled with bringing into the open obscure, hard-to-find bits of UFO history from the backwaters of this much maligned topic. This comes from nearly fifty years of our close involvement monitoring the various forms odd aerial phenomena have taken, from aerolites, to airships, to mystery aeroplanes, to ghost rockets, to flying saucers and to the modern views of UFOs.

When the term "UFO" is used here, it is presented in the strictest definition. It does not mean space ship, extraterrestrial vehicle or the like. It means what it says: "unidentified flying object," something in the air that is not known with certainty. Probing such phenomena is not a silly pastime as has often been displayed in the media. Does one label another a "kook" or a "nut" when he/she observes transient weather phenomena that can't be immediately proven, like sun dogs, rainbows, ball lightning, or space phenomena like meteors or transient lunar flashes? Silliness springs forth when ill-grounded interpretation of these phenomena by assorted pundits from all walks of life comes into play.

Consequently we will not be dealing with enthused support of space brother messages, wild government conspiracies and alien invasions. If anything, we will be exceedingly critical of these issues. We feel that the injection of undisciplined rhetoric into discussions of UFOs have ruined a legitimate area of inquiry and created a very poor public image that will be difficult to remove.

This site promises an interesting ride through a museum of aerial phenomena history.